Thursday, August 12, 2010

Felted Wool Bangle Bracelets

so we are planning a return trip to Minnesota to see our dear friends (although some of our dear friends will be in Michigan while we are in ironic and what a bummer!)

But for those friends that are going to be there, I am whipping up a "project" for our Girl's Night Out.
I was inspired by Bevy of Bangles for this latest craze of mine.  I have been knitting up a slew of these bangles to be felted.  Yes, even knitting one up on the ferry to Mackinaw Island.  The little two year old sitting next to me was mesmerized.  I have been experimenting with different wools and some non felting fibers, just to see what happens.  Here are a few of the bangles before felting.  By the way, I have changed the pattern a smidge.  Instead of the technique listed in the instructions for forming the circle, I use the Kitchener stitch instead.  It gives a smoother join.  Check out knitty's instructions for the kitchener stitch.

Once they are felted they look like this..........

How does a Girl's Night Out play into these bangles you ask?......we will embellish these little gems with more fibers....or beads...or whatever the ladies decide.  I have bought some thick embroidery floss to use to wrap around the bangles.  It will be fun to sit around, embellishing, catching up, laughs and I am guessing a delish cocktail to enhance the embellishing!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mackinaw Island

We've been here and there and heading out again.  Isn't that what Summer is all about?
Here are some pictures from the always delightful Mackinaw Island.  We had a glorious day, four generations of women and lots of memories made.

The bikes

the horses

the gardens, oh the gardens!

and family......(with the mackinaw Bridge in the background)

What I did not photograph was:  the fudge (delish), the super cool yarn section at the pharmacy, me knitting on the ferry (wool bangle bracelets), ice cream eating, the crowds, etc.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Clay Whistles

Part of our Summer Art Plan was to make clay instruments.  We have made shakers and now...clay whistles.  It took some experimenting, but we got the technique down and they work.  Yes, big smiles all around when we heard the whistle!  Now we need to get all of these instruments fired.  Soon I will post pictures of the fired instrument in all of their glory!

Summer in Full Bloom

Our youngest and I started a lot of our vegetable garden with seeds early in the spring.  So when something grows so wonderfully, so grand, so beautiful....
it truly brings a smile!
And these rascally gourds.....are taking over the entire garden.  Here is a gourd that is climbing, rather successfully I might add, up one of the sunflower plants. 
We are going to be abundant in gourds, ABUNDANT!

I am loving my growing egg plant and the most gorgeous purple flowers.
and I wait patiently, oh so patiently, for ripe tomatoes.