Saturday, July 17, 2010

tie dye

We love to Tie Dye.
We try to do it at least once a year.
So with company here we decided to go for it and have some fun.
The storm clouds were brewing the sky so our tie dye effort was a bit hurried.
It did start to rain, which resulted in lots of laughter and craziness!

Then the process of rinsing and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing some more!

And the end result.........

Note to self:  do NOT buy Fruit of the Loom t-shirts, they SHRUNK up terribly.  So by the end of summer, our 7 year old will have about 12 tie dye shirts.  Honestly, she could wear the XL.....that just isn't right!

We also tie dyed wash cloths, which are the pieces that they are holding up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gel Glue Batik

First you apply gel glue to your fabric. 
We used pillow cases and cut fabric in the shape of triangles for my banner that 
I plan to hang outside on the front porch.

Once the glue dries you can begin to paint.
We thinned cheap acrylic paint and went to town.

Once the paint has dried you need to soak in VERY hot water to start to dissolve the glue.  You will need to take a coarse brush (think something like a finger nail brush bristle) to rub off the glue and paint (paint that got on the glue which is no problem at all) and viola....check out these AWESOME results!

The kids were genuinely thrilled.  My seven year old gave me a big bear hug when she saw her finished pillow case.  That makes all the prep work on my end so worth it!
I got this idea from the wonderful blog

Friday, July 9, 2010

Carnival inspiration

Ahhhhh, the Cherry Festival has expanded to the double Ferris wheel.

Who knew that people staged an area at the carnival. 
I was admiring this "garden" at one of the carnival's food vendors.

Then I saw who was running the site. 
This sweet old lady. 
I wanted so badly to meet her, to hear her stories.
I think I need to make some art, based on her stories. 
I need to name her. 
To have a series of work, based on her stories. 
and then our kids.....
after time at the parade, the carnival and then the beach. 
I think they have been "affected"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fabric ring

I tell you I am loving these circles, that are evolving into funky flowers
that are evolving into charms, pendants, and this ring.

I wore it last night to a concert at the Cherry Festival (to see a fun band, Tribute 1964), outdoors on a beautiful night on the bay with fun friends (sorry........I digress)
The ring was a hit (yeah!) so was the band!
Wren saw me struggling to snap a picture of the she generously offered to model for me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

playing with circles

In efforts of staying cool, I have tucked myself downstairs in the basement.
Surrounded by fabrics.
and apparently circles.
I love these darn circle creations. 
LOTS of thread.  A ridiculous amount of thread. 
I have a ring in the works with the same circle on a much smaller scale.  I hope to finish it today.

Made some beads on the 4th.....and more ideas forming every day for new beads, clay beads, polymer beads, fabric beads........

Sunday, July 4, 2010

summer sweetness

Happy 4th of July!
Can you feel the summer sweetness
the heat
the humidity

After having already been to the beach (quick swim for our youngest), tried to make my way around a VERY crowded art fair and an antique car show I am heading into the basement (where it is cooler) to work on art....either clay beads, fabric or soldering...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

another Altoid Tin

I got my second Altoid Tin Swap in the mail!  This time from Kimberely in Arizona.
Love the variety.
and I LOVE the treasures inside.
Kimberely, THANK YOU!!

Altoid Tin Swap

Here is one of the Altoid Tin Swaps that I have received.
It is super cool!

This is the back side (or underneath)

And all of the goodies.  This was chock full of goodies.  I can't even close it up again, she had it packed to was stuffed with goodies. 
I am loving it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

soaring into a holiday weekend

some of you have heard me refer to "living up on the mountain"
Mind you....the "mountain" I refer to is nothing compared to "real" mountains.
It is just a big hill. 
We have a sign on one side of the mountain with a run off for the big trucks in case they need it in icy weather. 
My ears pop occasionally when we go up and down from the mountain.
I have a friend who teases me about "needing to put snow chains on" or "using the high altitude baking directions on the brownie mix"
So yes, we joke about the mountain. 
Some days it is snowing at the top of the mountain and not at the "base"...
I am serious. 
But we do live on the bay, so that might have more to do with it then actual height.
but today....we had a true advantage of being on the mountain.
we enjoyed our lunch while the Blue Angels roared overhead while they practice for the
scheduled show tomorrow and Sunday

These were all taken from our house.  Not too shabby.
Looking forward to the "real" show tomorrow.
Hope you are soaring into a great holiday weekend!!

Shaking things up

The Wodek's are shaking things up again.

We are making the theme for clay this summer.....
musical instruments
so far we have some rockin' shakers
next on list, clay whistles and Udu drums
did I hear some ooh's and ahhh's, much like the anticipated fireworks this weekend????
the goal is to sit around the fire with a collection of handmade instruments
and make some music

The other way we are shaking things up
My husband has just accepted a new job
a job that will be challenging and exciting and more in line with his experience, his liking
but, it means he is heading to another state...Green Bay, Wisconsin
In the meantime, the kids and I will stay here. 
We hope and pray as we have for years that the economy will turn
then more jobs will be available here
and we can ALL be here.
Until that time, a change was needed.  He hated his job here and that is NO way to live.
So now....the next chapter in our lives will unfold, we will have an opportunity to
explore another area and take things
one step at a time.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

saved by the dunes....again

There is something about the Dunes.
Something peaceful
they encourage harmony
we are in the midst of some changes
and this is what we needed
as a family
time at the dunes
to recharge
to prepare for what lies ahead
more about this later
the hike in.......

our beautiful camera = lots of picture taking.  I love to see this explosion!

and this goofiness!

yeah....a volunteer to take a family pic!
wait a is it on ONE trip to the Dunes our 15 year old has THREE, yes,
three outfit changes....good grief!

this scene can put me at ease most days. 
Thank you for today's moments of peace!

write on walls!!

I have been inspired.
writing on walls.
to go with some of my over ambitious summer plans of art, art and more art
not only for me, but the kids too (ages 15, 13 and 7)
I want to showcase their art, to encourage their art making, to give then a sense that we "see" them as artists (because they ARE!)
so I took that BIG plunge and dare I say.....
I painted on the walls.
Frames that is.
the wall is not complete, I think it will look better with lots of frames, it is a start.
Now mind you, I have NO fear of painting walls....I change my color scheme at the drop of a hat
my family can attest to this, my husband especially as we have painted a LOT of walls in our married life. 
So I approached this project with the understanding that when I/we tire of this "idea" I will paint over it.

why not use frames you ask.
2 reasons....
1.  cheaper, much cheaper!  and I am on a "wants" and "needs" program so this is falls into the "want" how to do it on a budget....paint instead of buying LOTS of frames!
2.  It will be so easy for me or the kids (I am always encouraging independence) to plunk their art on the wall.  Just get some of those cool sticky tabs that don't leave marks and viola.  Instant art show.

The typewriter, which for those of you who remember awhile back...i couldn't resist these little buggers.....and can I say KIDS of ALL ages love them.  (The kids friends will come over and you will hear plunk, plunk as their attempt to type).  Anyway, I put one of our soon to be second grader's writing sample into the typewriter to showcase her writing.

So, if you are daring......go ahead, write on your own darn walls.  It is liberating!