Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Hip Chic Mom

No, sadly I am not referring to myself...but MY Mom!
I called her yesterday all excited about the Washi Tape technique (see last post) and my iPhone 4 totting Mom said, "oh yeah....i forgot all about that technique."  what???!  Apparently super hip chic Mom learned of this technique awhile ago and failed to share this with me, hmpf!  Fortunately, I am big enough and got over it.........

Spent the afternoon at a librarian meeting at the ever fabulous Horizon Bookstore in downtown Traverse City.  We got to spend a couple of hours hearing about some wonderful children's books.  I will highlight some of those over the weekend.  Then I got to shop for some books......even better.

My evening was filled with glazing, and more glazing.......fairy houses, pendants, jewlery bits.  Can't wait to load the kiln in the morning to get these pieces fired.  Then I can share here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

some things to think about

So, the other day I read about a new book Us, Celebrating the Power of Friendship  on friendship at Christine Mason Miller's blog.  At first glance I thought, hmmm not a bad idea.  But the more I think about it, I love it!  As I worked at the library today, watching kids interact, girls in particular...some interactions were positive and others....not so positive.  Then thinking about my sixteen year-old daughter and her teenage relationships made me realize, this book is NEEDED.  If we can teach girls to work on friendships from an early age we can help foster healthy relationships for a lifetime.

Another fun thing I found on a blog was how to make Washi Tape....ooooohhhhhhhh my goodness.....genius!  Check out Craft Test Dummies.  Super, super cool!!!!!

Finally, I am participating in a gift exchange organized by Craftaholics Anonymous.  My swap partner is from California.  We have started to exchange some e-mails.  Some of my friends from Minnesota that i swap with on a regular basis have signed up too.  We are looking forward to sharing our swaps at the end of November. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As busy as life gets, I am so lucky.

These darn kids.......just make it all worth while.

I started working this year as a librarian at a local elementary school.   It is perfect for my life right now.  The hours are consistent (unlike last year when I was a guest teacher) and I feel like a grandparent.  I get to see all of the kids at school......they make me smile.....and then after their library time I send them back with their teacher.  I don't have to deal with the craziness of testing, kids bouncing off the walls from indoor recess day after day when it pours, etc.  I get to read the kids magical stories and watch their minds relax and dream for 30 minutes.  It is perfect.

This new schedule has allowed me commit to making art for sale.  I have had one craft show, a makers market no about a dream.  However, it wasn't the best experience.  I didn't sell like crazy. 
But I did it. 
My family supported me while I worked crazy hours, man does it take a lot of work to pull this off.  And I have another show next week.  This whole experience has helped me to see that
I CAN do it!
It has been a real growing experience.

And what has been a perfect compliment to my growing experience........this blog Christine Mason Miller .  She has a new book coming out Desire to Inspire and has been featuring 60 second interviews (love that.....time is of the i can read a snippet and check out their blog and get back to life here at home) with the contributors.  It is a fun, quick way to discover some pretty amazing women.  I am so empowered from what I have read since the start of the month.