Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Read

The Cookbook Collector: A Novel

I just whipped through The Cookbook Collector.
I thoroughly enjoyed.
It was a nice escape on some unusually cool days here in the north.
Now back to my jewelry!
I have new pictures to post, a fun pair of earrings that I am wearing all of the time. 
New beads today so new earrings waiting to be made.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green with happiness

Oh yes, I am pleased. 
I love the copper flecks in the large center green stone.
With the heat and humidity we have been having it has been a little challenging torching outside.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Likes and Dislikes....and not referring to Facebook!

I spent a good deal this weekend playing with the torch and practicing (despite the heat).
Here is my new set up to torch the wire.  I am a bit stressed about using any of the torches in my regular studio space.  It does not have a window so I am super cautious about the fumes. 
So for now, I torch in the  garage. 

This makes me happy.  When I can ball BOTH ends of the copper wire!

This is a pile of copper wires that I heated up for a LONG time and was not able to ball both of the ends.  I am worried that if I used them after all of the heating they would not survive the process to turn them into earrings.  Need to find out if I can recycle the heated copper pieces?

Here is a like and dislike all in one.  I was feeling pretty darn good, my first earring turning out fabulous.  Seriously fabulous and then.......the second earring, going good until I bent the paddle.  Oh my....not good!

Tomorrow is another day.  Practicing and hopefully creating!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I appreciate this time
a bit differently.
I missed my art time
my time
so now I play
and smile

especially when I get to watch the baby blue birds growing up (and getting ready to spread their wings), the hydrangeas bloom and the pea pods surging higher.
of course
i love being home
with the kids
hearing their laughs
their squabbles...okay not so much
but i do treasure these days
especially with one about to be a junior in high school!

Friday, July 15, 2011


I thought I had a decent bead collection.
But then...
I started making boho bliss hoops in the Deryn Mentock's new class and realized...
I need/want different beads for these designs.
I love projects that make you look at things that you didn't before.
I'll be honest, I didn't look at briolette beads very much until now.

so here is how I organized my beads this past Spring.
by color
After taking Alisa Burke's color class last summer I realized that I enjoy color and things sorted by color but for some reason was not applying that to my stash of beads.
I stocked up on some containers from JoAnn's during a fabulous sale.
Then I had the duty to own up to all of the beads that I have bought over the years with one project or another in mind.....and clearly not following through on all of these projects.....sigh.......

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Our daughter got a job at a local favorite...Moomer's.
The Moomer's family farm next door is so beautiful.
The mood, the air ...was breathtaking.

I feel spoiled.  I love it here!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playing with the Torch!

These are the first attempts in my on-line jewelry class.
Working with the torch has been a trip.  Mastering the balling of the copper wire has been an achievement.  Putting the techniques together very rewarding.  I seriously can't wait to work on the jewelry every day.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

Carnival Ride of Life

Life is Crazy.  Wonderful.  Confusing.  Busy.
Spent the past school year as a substitute teacher.  Two long term positions and LOTS of one day positions. 
 And my art took a serious backseat.
Summer has been a delight.
Relaxed hours.
Taking two on-line classes.  One photography.  One jewelry.  Loving them both.
Biking.  Walking.  Dreaming....BIG DREAMS.
Desperately wishing my husband finds work in our hometown instead of 6 1/2 hours away.
I'll be back tomorrow.