Friday, September 25, 2009

more beads!!!!

I am hooked. More paper beads! Took them even further with the process.
New typewriter is a HUGE hit. Now I have to get the musty smell out of the carrier it came with.
Any tips out there???
Aside from leaving it outside for a
l-o-n-g time?
Glazing and firing this weekend. Look for charms!
Have a great weekend! Cheers!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paper Beads

The pressure is on to finish my Halloween theme charms for the swap with my friends back in Minnesota. So......just because.....I tried a new technique from Kelli Perkin's Stitched Alchemy and am Loving the results! These beads have several layers of UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Powder)...some clear, some that I colored (trick I learned from Tim Holtz). Very fun! VERY fun. Try some, you won't be disappointed.

Also.....our new fun toy over here is.....

Yes......"old fashion" typewriters. The kids think they are a hoot. The one above is in...cursive and has a smidgen of ink left in the ribbon. It is the funniest thing to hear one of the kids clanging away at the keys. So. why you ask, would I want one of these buggers (no...not the kids but the typewriter!) Well, I have this always.....of having a manual typewriter in the entry way (not that the entry way is THAT big mind you.....but I am tired of waiting for the "perfect" house. I am going to decorate and have fun with this one). In this typewriter I will leave notes (that may have to printer off my computer since the ink will only last for so long) in the typewriter...encouraging visitors or family to peek. I want our house to be interactive, not a "look, don't touch" house. I hit the Goodwill again and found this beauty!

It comes in it's own case.......Ahhhhhh...I will have to decide which one fits my needs. But I couldn't pass up the "suitcase" style box. But the kids will be thrilled that there are two to bang on tonight.

Coming of the entry way!

Friday, September 18, 2009


I finally had the chance to peek into my new art book, Stitch Alchemy written by a fellow Michigander, Kelli Perkins. It is WONDERFUL!!!!! I am planning to participate in a book study of Stitch Alchemy with the online mixed media art group that I belong to. If you are inspired to learn more about the group or book study check out crazy art girl musing's blog I am really excited and will definitely benefit from the encouragements to work on techniques listed in the book. I believe people would say the book study will help me FOCUS, which clearly is an issue for me!

Here is a page in the book that got my attention.......considering I just whipped up some "day of the dead" charms......I just chuckled and continued to be inspired!

Aren't they fun. She creates her own paper fabric. The technique is very freeing and definitely, DEFINITELY a project to do with the kids! Can't wait.

Speaking of kids.......................

You know what I love about this...... I guarantee you she will get some looks today at school, probably some chuckles from the adults, but she won't even notice, won't bat an eye......... because she is who she is. My wish for you today is that you have the confidence, like she does, to go for it! Just do it!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Heather Bailey's inspired fabric flower

All is good in the world......I not only made some clay charms but........I found the time and energy to whip up a fabric flower. "Whip Up" is a good term. As Heather implied in her video, these really don't take that much time. I will admit, her felt colors totally rock, which truly makes a difference in the overall piece. So....I do believe I will be ordering some of her fun colors in the near future. This flower measures 3 1/2 inches across, it is a good size flower. I am not sure if I would personally use one larger than this, but time will tell. I am thinking a funky denim purse to go with this flower. See how my mind works.....this project leads to another and another and........

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

managing Time

I am puzzled that year after year, as my kids drift back to school I seem to struggle initially with my new schedule. One would think that I would find "time" on my hands, but oh contraire! I feel a bit slammed each day with a list of tasks and hopes to "create". Well, after a week of not getting it quite right, I shifted my time management a bit and viola....I am creating again. Honestly, why I slip is beyond me, because when I create....the balance that I find in my life just makes everything happen, even my "chores."

So, this morning I have managed to create some really fun charms for my latest charm swap with my Minnesota ladies....with the theme of Halloween, of course. Let me just say, these were a hoot to make. I can hardly wait to have them out of the kiln and ready to glaze with some FUN colors.

For a quick fun project.....check out Heather Bailey's blog She has detailed directions (including a video) to make fun, fabric flowers. Another project added to my wish list! May be just the thing to have in the car for when I have a few minutes (Heather says that they can be made in about 10 minutes!!!) in between taking one of the kids to a practice......never understimate the power of multi-tasking!!