Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween prep despite the flu outbreak

You can't stop Halloween! Our big little town has been shut down due to the outbreak of H1N1. Schools have been shut down since Tuesday and will remain so for a week. Our youngest is worried that Halloween will be cancelled this year. But have no fear...we will have Halloween at our house no matter what!

I finished working on her design...a Plankton costume. Lots of chuckling last night as she ran around the house working her new costume. I made a LARGE cloak for our 12 year old, who wants to be a ranger..a character from a series of books that he enjoys (his cloak has been hemmed and will fit him.....basically all through college if he chooses to wear it that long...which knowing him....he might.) Our oldest, 14, wants to be Snoopy...that will be our focus today.
How are your Halloween plans coming along??????

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