Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue White Silver charm Swap

so to sum things up.
School started.
I got busy with substituting, co-leading a brownie troop of 25 girls, being a Mom to three kids, husband working 7 hours away.......so something has to give.  and it was and has been my art.

But, I did manage to pull off charms for a new swap with a new yahoo group, artcharms.  I signed up innocently to make charms with the theme of blue, white and silver.  and the list of swappers grew and grew....until 38 signed up.  38!  a little more than what I was anticipating.  But it was a deadline that would FORCE me to create.  Sad that I need a deadline, but true these days.

So here are some pictures from the charms that I made, some attempts that I didn't mail and some that are to be developed some more.

These are the charms in process.  I formed wire, added polymer, UTEE and ephemera.....twisted wire and these are waiting to have beads added and some sari silk (which I am LOVING!!!!)

The finished charms.  I am pleased.

I had an idea to make these felted circles, add some crystal white and clear beads.  Did not finish but plan to, I think these have some potential. 

Playing with making balled headpins without enamel.  I like these.  again, potential.

I am still playing with these disk shapes and adding words.

Hope to be back on here again soon.
Which also means I am playing with some of my projects!


Peggy said...

Kristi, I got your Blue and White UTEE charm and I LOVE it! It's really different and the message, "simple" is one I've been been trying very hard to listen to.

I hope I'll get to see more of your work, as I liked all the charms you showed on this blog. More! Make more! :)

In the future you'll be able to do half-sets for the charm swaps, but I hope you decide to do full sets. I don't want to miss out!


Lived In Life said...

Peggy, thanks for the comments, I truly appreciate the time you took to pop on over. It was a bit of a challenge time wise to get the charms done (especially since I didn't get to start until close to the deadline...my own fault in planning!) but the process is ALWAYS good and I grow and learn so much from diving in and going for it. It was a fun swap. I will definitely be joining another! Thanks for organizing such a great group!!!