Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Earrings

Abacus hoops. Playing with the beads.   A little to sparkly for me.

These are my favorite right now. 
They are a beautiful yellow green color. 

My 8 year old wanted a pair too.  So I made a mini version.  They are adorable on her. 
I took pictures and accidentally deleted them....sigh. 
Will take more pictures. 
Her friends are envious because they look so "grown up". 
Makes me smile!

White boho bliss hoops. 
These are so great because they go with everything!

Working on the next style earring being taught in the class. 
Can't wait to finish! 
This has been a great on-line class. 
Deryn has fielded so many questions and offered lots of tips and tricks above and beyond the class time. 
I am so hooked!


Anonymous said...

they are beautiful and you are so talented, the first are my favs.

Lived In Life said...

Thanks! I appreciate any feedback. Keep it coming....I need some input!