Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hiatus over, time to catch up

Good grief.  A month.  Seriously.  oops!
So consider it a European Holiday, to bad it wasn't really an extended vacation.
No, it was life.  Life, soaking up the last bit of summer with the kids.  Then, that dreaded first week back to school, where we are snapped back into the reality of....schedules.  Yes, schedules.  Curse them.  But....a schedule isn't all that bad.  Now i will retreat to a schedule of sorts that allows me time to create.  As that kinda got lost during the summer vacation freedom schedule.

Here is a little sneak into my trip back to Minnesota.  My dear friends gathered for a night of laughs, drinks and some embellishing of the felted bangles.  Fun!  Lots of fun!!!!!
My dear friend Ann comes up with the BEST drinks. 
This was the Bootleg
Described as Liquefied Minnesota Summer

Also known as:  These Boots are Made for Drinking
1 oz vodka (I used Citron)
1 oz Gin
1 oz Mint Syrup (1 c. water, `1 c. sugar, handful of chopped mint leaves. Dissolve over high heat. Cool and strain out mint leaves)
Fresh Lemons/Limes
Cava Sparkling Wine (any sparkling wine or champagne)

Shake Vodka, gin, mint syrup and freshly squeezed citrus juice--I used about a shot of citrus juice since there was no measurement given.

Strain and pour over ice. top with Cava and a splash of Chartreuse. Garnish with Lemons, Limes and Mint leaves.

Enjoy and don't drive.

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Nancy said...

Those bangles look great!