Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Won, well sort of

I am signed up for Silly2, a class offered by Carla Sonheim.  I was super inspired after listening to her podcast on the Notes from the VooDoo Lounge.  During her interview she does a little excercise using a sharpie, sheet of paper and your willingness to let go, just for a few minutes.  We have had a ton of fun doing this excercise.  It then prompted me to purchase her book The Drawing Lab.
This book is FUN.  I can't wait to do this with the kids.  Apparently there are on-line groups that have been doing book studies on Drawing Lab.  Hmmmmm..

I am a new fan of Carla.  Not just because of her super fun book or the class that I am signed up for that starts today but because yesterday she sent an e-mail to everyone signed up to announce that she was going to offer 10 (ten!!!) scholarships to people that we recommend.  So I entered the name of a dear friend in Minnesota, an art teacher and guess what.............................SHE WON!  I amm soooooo thrilled.  I am thrilled that she offered this opportunity and I am thrilled that Jean won this!!!  To top it all off, Carla is totally cool with teachers sharing the exercises in the Silly2 class with their students.  Sooooo generous!
Thank You Carla!!!!!!!!

Okay another note.
My Mom, who recently upgraded to an iPad.....lucky....gave me her iTouch (yes, with a fist pump!).  You see, I have never had one.  Wanted one, yes, had one, no.  But now I doooooooooo!  and I love it.  I love the apps.  I know.....all of you have been there done that, but for me, it is still a HUGE novelty.  Anyway, BIG fan of Podcasts.  I love going for my walks and getting to hear artists speak and inspire me.  So if you so desire, check out Notes from the VooDoo Lounge.  You won't be disappointed.

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Mandy said...

congrats on your almost win...hee hee hee!!! but i have no ipod, but was at the shop yesterday and had a play of the ipad...i just sooooo want my dreams i gues...thanks for the health well wishes too....we really need them!!!