Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fabric Postcards

A slight distraction from my previously planned art projects.
The mixed media art group that I belong to on-line is having a fabric postcard swap during the month of August. I was going to get to them, but once I started receiving some.....the pressure was on. So I used that as incentive to get going on them. They are fun to make. Mini pieces of art. I started looking through my fabric pile...which as some of you know is a bit see what inspired me. Once I had some fabric in mind I sat down with sharpie in hand and started sketching. Then viola I had and idea and a basic pattern. I am pleased. I added some fun thread art and some beads. It really is exciting to discover a little piece of art in your mail. A little bit of sunshine. My fourteen year old would agree!

Zetti hat races on Lake Louise!

Batik Heart from North Carolina.

Mine will go out tomorrow....

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Bea said...

Got your wonderful postcard. Thank you very much. I hadn't done any fiber postcards in a stretch so it was nice to get back to them again.