Saturday, August 1, 2009

Traverse City Film Festival Summer Fun

Summer Fun! Last night we sat outside in the open space in downtown Traverse City, along the marina and watched, The Goonies. This was one of 5 free movies shown in the open space during the film festival. Talk about super cool. We took advantage of it all. After parking our chairs and blankets we wandered around. Spotted a large cruise ship which we all quickly made stories up about their adventures.

Downtown was Friday Night Live. The streets were filled with people, live musicians and entertainers......jugglers, puppet shows, numerous bands, local restaurants selling food. We were in a long line waiting for none cream!

Finally we made our way back to our seats. Listened to more live bands and waited for the show.

It really was a perfect night. I did remark that we needed to lock this memory in our minds, because once the snow flies......well you know.....this was the kind of night that can get you through a long winter!

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