Wednesday, September 16, 2009

managing Time

I am puzzled that year after year, as my kids drift back to school I seem to struggle initially with my new schedule. One would think that I would find "time" on my hands, but oh contraire! I feel a bit slammed each day with a list of tasks and hopes to "create". Well, after a week of not getting it quite right, I shifted my time management a bit and viola....I am creating again. Honestly, why I slip is beyond me, because when I create....the balance that I find in my life just makes everything happen, even my "chores."

So, this morning I have managed to create some really fun charms for my latest charm swap with my Minnesota ladies....with the theme of Halloween, of course. Let me just say, these were a hoot to make. I can hardly wait to have them out of the kiln and ready to glaze with some FUN colors.

For a quick fun project.....check out Heather Bailey's blog She has detailed directions (including a video) to make fun, fabric flowers. Another project added to my wish list! May be just the thing to have in the car for when I have a few minutes (Heather says that they can be made in about 10 minutes!!!) in between taking one of the kids to a practice......never understimate the power of multi-tasking!!

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