Friday, September 18, 2009


I finally had the chance to peek into my new art book, Stitch Alchemy written by a fellow Michigander, Kelli Perkins. It is WONDERFUL!!!!! I am planning to participate in a book study of Stitch Alchemy with the online mixed media art group that I belong to. If you are inspired to learn more about the group or book study check out crazy art girl musing's blog I am really excited and will definitely benefit from the encouragements to work on techniques listed in the book. I believe people would say the book study will help me FOCUS, which clearly is an issue for me!

Here is a page in the book that got my attention.......considering I just whipped up some "day of the dead" charms......I just chuckled and continued to be inspired!

Aren't they fun. She creates her own paper fabric. The technique is very freeing and definitely, DEFINITELY a project to do with the kids! Can't wait.

Speaking of kids.......................

You know what I love about this...... I guarantee you she will get some looks today at school, probably some chuckles from the adults, but she won't even notice, won't bat an eye......... because she is who she is. My wish for you today is that you have the confidence, like she does, to go for it! Just do it!!!!

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