Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dennos Fun

Oh yes......we had fun!
Sunday was rainy.  Slightly gloomy.
So we popped over to the Dennos Art Museum for inspiration.
we ended up getting inspired, and the giggles and lots of goofiness!
A perfect day!
They have this super cool room at the Dennos with a projector a screen, and super cool technology to create these images of the kids as they moved, danced and posed.  They were going crazy in there. 
They could have stayed for hours.  And I would have kept on snapping picture after picture.
Now....I want to make my own fabric with these prints.  If you saw the most recent season of Project Runway and the episode where they got to design their own fabric......oh boy, oh boy!


Nancy said...

These are great shots. What fun to capture the movement like this. And it does fit the Project Runway episode...it would make great fabric. I see that Emilio took that idea into his final collection nicely.

Kristi said...

Yes, Emilio worked that "signature" look! It was a great season. Hate to see it end. Anthony was a hoot!

Rebecca Everett said...

These photos are the coolest! Wish our local art museum had one.

Kristi said...

I have to say we feel pretty darn lucky with our museum! The room that has the projector to make these images is by far our kids FAVORITE spot. Can't blame them!