Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letters, Mail and Earth Day

Oh geez.......been a tad bit overwhelmed lately.  Playing catch up here. 
Happy Earth Day!  Honestly, we should celebrate Earth Day everyday!!!!!

In honor of Earth Day I used an eco friendly product, Regreet, which is a fun way to re-purpose greeting cards.  I love it.  Who doesn't love getting mail, the good ol' fashion mail that you get to hold and open and treasure!  I wrote some long overdue letters to a few friends and slipped in a "hop along kit," a kit to repurpose the card that I sent.  What is super fun about all of this is that re-greet will track your card, so you can see where it has traveled.  I LOVE that!  So my cards are officially on their journey.  Since you don't want to write a big, juicy note in the card, I created my own stationary with photos and wrote on the back of the paper.  Now my friends get a quick snapshot of our lives, a fun card and a reason to pass it along and share the love!  Go check out regreet today.....they are having a sale in honor of Earth Day!!  and Yes, I do know the owner of Regreet.  She is a dear friend back in Minnesota.  One of the funniest people I have had the honor to know.  When we get together I am guaranteed to be in tears from laughter.  She is an amazing story teller....amazing!  She started this business last fall and it has already expanded (yeah!!!!).  I am so happy for her.  Check it out!
So what HAVE I been up to?  Did a fun project for a silent auction donation.  Using the garden theme that was given to me, I glazed a terra cotta pot.  I was inspired by Moroccan tiles for my design.  I am pretty pleased with the results.

Tomorrow I am heading into two elementary classes to do a fun clay project.  One class will be making some funky flower pendants for Mother's Day gifts...I can't wait to see how they turn out.  The pendants are in a bisque firing right now so they will be ready to go tomorrow!
Clay rolled out and pendants drawn into clay                       Pendants loaded on kiln shelf     

To be continued......
Happy Earth Day!                        


shelly said...

lovin the pots! what a good idea... i will have to try this myself :)

Kristi said...

Thanks Shelly. Let me know how yours turn out!