Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carnival Ride of Life

Life is Crazy.  Wonderful.  Confusing.  Busy.
Spent the past school year as a substitute teacher.  Two long term positions and LOTS of one day positions. 
 And my art took a serious backseat.
Summer has been a delight.
Relaxed hours.
Taking two on-line classes.  One photography.  One jewelry.  Loving them both.
Biking.  Walking.  Dreaming....BIG DREAMS.
Desperately wishing my husband finds work in our hometown instead of 6 1/2 hours away.
I'll be back tomorrow.


Cristie said...

love this picture and i love your post as well. xo

Lived In Life said...

Thank You Cristie! Wren and I rode that ferris wheel several times...she had to make sure we rode it at least once during the day and once at night. She giggled the WHOLE time. We called Todd on each of the rides. He laughed the whole time with us!