Sunday, July 17, 2011

Likes and Dislikes....and not referring to Facebook!

I spent a good deal this weekend playing with the torch and practicing (despite the heat).
Here is my new set up to torch the wire.  I am a bit stressed about using any of the torches in my regular studio space.  It does not have a window so I am super cautious about the fumes. 
So for now, I torch in the  garage. 

This makes me happy.  When I can ball BOTH ends of the copper wire!

This is a pile of copper wires that I heated up for a LONG time and was not able to ball both of the ends.  I am worried that if I used them after all of the heating they would not survive the process to turn them into earrings.  Need to find out if I can recycle the heated copper pieces?

Here is a like and dislike all in one.  I was feeling pretty darn good, my first earring turning out fabulous.  Seriously fabulous and then.......the second earring, going good until I bent the paddle.  Oh my....not good!

Tomorrow is another day.  Practicing and hopefully creating!

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