Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Hip Chic Mom

No, sadly I am not referring to myself...but MY Mom!
I called her yesterday all excited about the Washi Tape technique (see last post) and my iPhone 4 totting Mom said, "oh yeah....i forgot all about that technique."  what???!  Apparently super hip chic Mom learned of this technique awhile ago and failed to share this with me, hmpf!  Fortunately, I am big enough and got over it.........

Spent the afternoon at a librarian meeting at the ever fabulous Horizon Bookstore in downtown Traverse City.  We got to spend a couple of hours hearing about some wonderful children's books.  I will highlight some of those over the weekend.  Then I got to shop for some books......even better.

My evening was filled with glazing, and more glazing.......fairy houses, pendants, jewlery bits.  Can't wait to load the kiln in the morning to get these pieces fired.  Then I can share here.

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