Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As busy as life gets, I am so lucky.

These darn kids.......just make it all worth while.

I started working this year as a librarian at a local elementary school.   It is perfect for my life right now.  The hours are consistent (unlike last year when I was a guest teacher) and I feel like a grandparent.  I get to see all of the kids at school......they make me smile.....and then after their library time I send them back with their teacher.  I don't have to deal with the craziness of testing, kids bouncing off the walls from indoor recess day after day when it pours, etc.  I get to read the kids magical stories and watch their minds relax and dream for 30 minutes.  It is perfect.

This new schedule has allowed me commit to making art for sale.  I have had one craft show, a makers market no less.......talk about a dream.  However, it wasn't the best experience.  I didn't sell like crazy. 
But I did it. 
My family supported me while I worked crazy hours, man does it take a lot of work to pull this off.  And I have another show next week.  This whole experience has helped me to see that
I CAN do it!
It has been a real growing experience.

And what has been a perfect compliment to my growing experience........this blog Christine Mason Miller .  She has a new book coming out Desire to Inspire and has been featuring 60 second interviews (love that.....time is of the essence.....so i can read a snippet and check out their blog and get back to life here at home) with the contributors.  It is a fun, quick way to discover some pretty amazing women.  I am so empowered from what I have read since the start of the month.

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