Thursday, June 3, 2010

dreaming of summer

I think I have summer fever!  I am so looking forward to the laid back days, the summer breezes, the walks along the beaches, the hikes up the dunes, hanging out with the kids, more time for art, trips to the CSA farm, trying new foods, new flavors.  So to honor my Bohemian inspired Summer Fever......I created a "beach bag."

These are the flowers that I have clipped to the handle.  I have made them with clips that i can easily clip to other things (jean jacket, t-shirt and whatever else needs a little accessory!)  The flowers were inspired from a video from the House of Three blog.  These darn flowers are everywhere and it was time I got on the band wagon!
Flip Flops!  Of course.  I made these from a tutorial on Alisa Burke's blog.  I am always so inspired by Alisa Burke, her blog, her is so fresh, alive, and fun!!!!
And a funky, chunky bracelet made from odds and ends that I had.  Go figure.  I had paper/fabric beads left over from a Stitch Alchemy project, polymer beads because I am always playing with polymer and then some beads that I just had in my collection.  You gotta love a project that comes together like that!

School is out next week and then......I will be making more art and.....sharing here.

P.S.  I got my ATC swap and Scrumptious Squares swap in the mail last week.  I will get some pictures and upload, they are fun, fun!


A Life Made By Hand said...

Very summery and inspiring. You make me so proud.

Johwey Redington said...

Wow, you made a comment in my blog about how we are inspired by the same artists - and then I hop over here and discover you're also inspired by Alisa Burke as I am. How cool is that? So envious that you can go to the beach while I'm stuck in the midwest. And flipflops - I can't get enough of them - lol!

Kristi said...

Johwey, I am also in Kelly Rae Roberts Taking Flight class...which I need to start this weekend! And...I too live in the midwest.....Northern Michigan at that! SO no excuses, dig out some flip flops and play with some fabric, super easy. If you don't sew...I would be happy to send you a length of fabric stitched together so you can add to your flip flops!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Oh! What fun! I'm in love with all these projects!

Kristi said...

Bethany...thanks! Honestly, all of the projects were super fun, super easy. the colors were so fun to work with. Can't wait to do more.