Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last day of school.....for me

Today was my last day....subbing that is....or being the "guest teacher" which is the new catch phrase.  It has been an interesting school year, as a sub that is.  It was pretty rare for me to come home without a story, or two or three.  Some days I came home exhausted and overwhelmed and other days I came home.....feeling like I had contributed in some way.  As I have said before, everyone should have to sub for ONE school day.  It will put teaching into a whole new perspective.  I have always respected the profession, but after this has gone to another level of respect.  Seriously, there were many days that I would hardly have time to eat lunch as I would be prepping for the second half of the day while the kids were at lunch/recess.  A couple of friends had encouraged me to blog about my subbing from the get go.  In hindsight I wish that i had written more down.  Darn me for not starting that journal.......that'll teach me!

For the most part the kids would keep me on my toes with funny comments or actions.  They were mostly sweet.....but the older they get in elementary school the trickier they are.  Today I subbed for a 5th grade class.  I looked into their relatively innocent eyes...knowing that next year they would be in middle school.  And after my experiences subbing in Middle School this year....I am here to tell you that the sweet innocent look will fade to a more jaded, tough attitude.

One of my favorite stories is about a kindergartener, Mallory.  She came in one morning with a really pathetic look.  By this time, I had a pretty good idea who was a scammer and who wasn't.  She wasn't usually a scammer.  Some of the kids think "sub = ticket home", using the "I don't feel good" card.  I caught on to them pretty quickly!  So..... back to Mallory.  She looks at me, with glassy eyes.  "Mallory...what's wrong honey?"  "Mrs. Wodek...I have the staring fever."  "The what fever??????"  "The staring fever...if I stare at anything for more than 8 seconds I get a fever."  (Turns out that Mom was out of town and she was not adjusting all that well to her absence.)

Another funny story is about Harrison, another kindergartener, with behavioral issues.  Apparently earlier this school year he was having a rough day and spent a fair amount of time in the office.  At the end of the day he told the Principal that he was the worst "President" ever!  The Principal later made a deal with Harrison, that if he had 30 days of good behavior he could be the "Vice-President" of the school for the day.  Harrison finally earned that privilege last week.  He spent the day being Vice-President and let me tell you, the school did it up right.  He had his picture taken and a photo ID badge was made.  He helped make the morning announcements AND he was the Principal's right hand man during the award assembly, for the whole school to see.  He really lived it up.  It was great to see the pride in his eyes. 

I will miss the little buggers.  But now, I will get to hang with my little buggers...although a 15 and 13 year old are not quite little buggers anymore are they.  At least our 7 year old still falls into that category. 

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