Friday, June 11, 2010

summer vacation starts NOW!

Yup, kids are officially out of school.  Yahooooooo!
Already started our "art" list.
Gonna be fun.

So far:
paint a couple of antique chairs (don't be horrified, they were already painted....but not quite the color that I like.)
paint a small side table
mosaic a few small tables
make Udu drums (clay drums...we will jamming by a camp fire later this summer!)
turn one hallway into a rotating art gallery......I want the kids and I to be able to display our art work (photo's, video's, sculptures, etc.)  I want to print/silk screen/stencil antique style frames in various sizes on one wall to allow for 2-D art.  Haven't quite figured out my exact plan yet.

Thought I would share this video.  Kelly Rae Roberts posted this the other day in our Flying Lesson's Class was I touched.

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