Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I am just like so many out there.......loves to travel, would like to travel more, inspired by other cultures!  So I jumped at the opportunity to participate in a challenge, a travel related challenge.  I selected a country....Africa.  Asked to be surprised to my region, I will find out next week.  And my challenge will be to research the assigned area and to create an accessory that is inspired by this region.  Who doesn't love a challenge.  Who doesn't need a challenge to think outside of the box.  This will be fun.

Recently I have started to work on some class proposals.  One of them is a combination of art history, international locales and an art project to go with it.  I am studying Matisse in Morocco.  I have to say I am loving it.  LOVING it!  My back ground is art history/studio art, so this feels so comfortable for me.  When we lived in Minnesota I participated in a program with the schools that partnered with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, called Adventures in Art.  It is fabulous.  Parent volunteers learn about various pieces of art (art is grouped together in a theme) and then go back and teach this in the schools. I always created an art project to go with the art.  It was fun to develop and to teach.  Kids love it.  So, I definitely have an affinity for this thought process.  Don't you just love it when everything ties in together.  It reinforces that you are on the right path, at least the right path for the moment.

"You are Exactly where you are Supposed to be."

For me, right now.  That is making art.  Getting back to the blog.  Both feel right.

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