Monday, June 29, 2009

Charms promised a charm explanation. I admit it, I am hooked...on charms. It is all about making pieces of art, whether it is funky, traditional, exploring new materials, pushing the limits (at least the limits you thought existed)....but on a small scale. So how did this addiction start...
I joined the yahoo Mixed Media Art Group a couple of months ago after learning about it through Crazy Art Girl Musings at this address . Through this group I participated in my first charm swap. In addition to the group I was further inspired by the book A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects To Create & Share and off I went. These are from my first charm swap. I submitted charms in a couple of categories: spring colors and mixed media. I love the different use of materials and interpretations.

The materials/techniques range from: soldering, origami, leather, stamping, shrinky dink, buttons, wood, small book binding, etc.

I then convinced my dear arty friends back in MN (we moved to Michigan this past October) to do a swap with me. Lucky for me...I created this awesome charm bracelet from the charms that we swapped. Obviously this charm bracelet has special meaning to me, having charms made from some very special friends. I need close ups of these beads....but the materials and techniques are detailed felted balls, wood burning, stamping, polymer clay, fabric beads, resin, fabric and more.

My most recent swap was through the magazine, Cloth, Paper, Scissors. Not only did I receive these charms, but also have connected with a couple of the artists!

These charms are: paper beads trio, miniature handwoven basket, bead with fringe yarn and smaller beads, tiny shell attached to two beads and polymer bead with a crystal.

All of the amazing charms swapped needed to be: under two inches and wearable (something that can be exposed to say water if washing dishes, etc.)

My arty Minnesota friends and I are planning another swap, this time with a blue/green/beach theme. I'll have to keep you posted! I encourage you to gather some friends and plan a swap.....I promise you will not be disappointed!

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