Monday, June 1, 2009

Dedicated to Amy

The launch. I have been contemplating this for a long time, too long actually. What has stopped me? That list is too long to bore you with. Excuses.

So in memory of a dear friend, who passed away suddenly five years ago...Amy...I dedicate this blog to you. You may have left us physically, but your spirit lives on. You would have been champing at the bit for me to get this blog going a long time ago. So with the mantra...what would Amy do...i decide to go for it. Thanks Amy!

My goal for this blog is to share ideas. In tough times, living creatively is not only wise financially, but for the spirit so very important. I think these tough economic changes were inevitable. We have become a society living with excess. So while we pare down our lifestyles, we can discover the riches we have within our creative spirits.


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