Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Days

Finally....Summer has arrived. School is out. The weather has improved dramatically!... and we love every minute of it. Adjusting to a new schedule with the kids home from school. I am thrilled.

Been playing with ttv (through the viewfinder) technique with a Kodak duaflex II. I picked one up the other day at the local antique store. Today I spent some time, probably too much, trying to create a contraption to block out the light while I snap a digital picture of the viewfinder. Everything on line makes it seem so easy. Have I over thought this technique? My dear friend Amy would, of course, have just went for it.....I love having her voice to remind me to just go for it. I have lots more experimenting in the days to come. I will share more information soon. Here is a photo of our sweet golden, Tucker, who shadows me constantly.

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