Thursday, July 30, 2009


Inspiration. I don't know about you, but I am constantly being inspired. I thought I would share some recent inspirations.

Last week our son (12) attended hockey camp here in town. The camp was given by two guys who hail from Canada, I mention this because they TRULY have hockey in their blood. Ian Robertson led the dry land/motivational speaking part of the camp and he was AMAZING. We sat in on a couple of his talks with the kids. As a former teacher he GETS the best way to speak to the kids, gaining their attention and respect. He mixed his talks with listening and doing.....knowing full well that their attention span can be somewhat short. He gave the kind of talk that EVERY kid should hear (parents too!) He encouraged individual achievement (on the ice AND in the classroom......yes!!) as well as team participation. Our son came home motivated and they say on the commercials..the camp was "priceless". He was VERY inSpiring.

On a recent "quick" trip to Target, my oldest and I were inSpired by some pieces we found in the kitchen area. My daughter is in the process of designing a "teen" room. I think she has definitely gotten the room she was going for. I know I like the idea of just going in her room and hanging out. She needed to paint her dresser, but was stuck. Then she spotted this.....

With the plate as inspiration, and a little of my help, she transformed the dresser (given to us by some former neighbors, thanks Shelly!) into this....

Now the corner in room seems complete. She added pieces that she has been collecting (glass orb lights from IKEA) and purchased the super cool Biorb fish seemed easier than the Chinchilla that she was going for.

Her room is almost done and she is feeling quite satisfied with her efforts, as she should!!!

On that same trip to Target I spotted this...a relatively simple mug.

I have been wanting to do something to the bare back splash in our kitchen, so I am using this as the jump board for my design. I sketched out designed based on the designs in the mug and have started to make the three design element tiles.

To be continued........
What inspires YOU?

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Jane said...

Wow, I am blown away. This is really awesome.