Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clearly Inspired

The other night we were blessed with this gorgeous sunset.  It was truly breathtaking.
This sunset, inevitably inspired this....

A Doodle journal, a project related to the poetry journal for the Artistic Mother Art Group.  I started to make the Poetry Journal...but it was getting a little more funky than I I went with the flow and created my new "doodle" journal.  I love it!  I still plan to make a Poetry Journal.

back view

and this..............a pendant for the Cloth Paper Scissors Pendant Swap

In addition to my "weekly" goals I was surprised to find out that I had not missed the date to send in a pendant for the Cloth Paper Scissors Pendant I went to town. I decided not to fight the things that I am drawn to (circles, text, colors, textures) and work with them. I pulled a few things from my studio that I haven't figured out how to use and viola! I made the polymer "text" disks several months ago. They never were used the way I intended issues. So there they sat. I knew they had potential. I am so glad that I just went with the flow on this project. I have mailed this little pendant off to Interweave. But I am here to tell you...more are already in the works. I can't wait to show off a finished necklace!


Mandy said...

the journal is just bright colours to bits...looking forward to seeing your poetry

Trudy Callan said...

Thanks for your comment.

How fun! I just love this doodle journal to pieces. Now I want to make one.