Thursday, March 25, 2010

cupcake sweetness

ohhhhhhh..Spring is in the air.
Lovely little cupcake to sweeten my day.

One of my weekly goals was to create a mosaic cupcake.  Yeah!!  A completed goal.  YES!  This goal setting business is good, very good.  However...a few things I did not account for.  What you don't realize is this was my SECOND mosaic cupcake.  A few days ago I posted that i was going to add a little more to my cupcake.  Yeah, it went horribly bad.  My tweaking......was too much.  I believe Shona addresses this in her Artistic Mother book...knowing when enough is a enough.  Well, it took me until I went tooooo far.  So, i pitched that little lovely and started anew.  Still some more tweaking for the next cupcake, which there will be more mosaic cupcakes.  It was a fun project.  I eventually plan (a monthly goal) to have a group of friends come over to make after another go at it, I hope to have the project ready to go as a "party" idea project! regards to setting "weekly" goals something that I haven't quite figured out...household chores.....yup....I need to factor in some "artful vacuuming" and "painterly dusting".....ahhh it is a learning process.  I will get the hang of it!

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