Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New reads

I splurged this weekend and got a copy of The Artistic Mother (it is fabulous!), the latest Somerset Studio (a fun trip down Alice in Wonderland) and the new Belle Armoire Jewelry (I am secretly wanting to be a jewelry designer). I have been soaking in the articles, photos and juiciness. An Artistic Mother is really good. I am looking forward to the on-line 12 week workshop that Trudy is hosting. I need to tweak my blog so that I am ready for the workshop. I have been wanting to form an art group locally and it just hasn't happened yet. I think this experience will be just the nudge that I have needed. I am definitely in the Stage 1 mode (as referred to by Shona in the book), planning... with all of the new articles to read this week in my new magazines and the blogs that I like to peek at when I have a moment.
I also finally got a copy of Push (the movie Precious is based on this novel) by Sapphire...it is good! I started reading it one day while subbing at the High School during one of my breaks....I have been oh so patient on a waiting list from the library and can't wait to finish it. It is intense.

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