Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hiking through Nature

Not like I needed an excuse to go hiking, but my Ode to Nature class is definitely making me be more aware of my daily choices so that I soak in as much nature as possible.

Hiking in the woods I discovered these beauties.  Simple and pure.  Always amazed at natures creations.  The curl of the flower, the shape of a pod, the delicate flower blooming beneath the massive trees.


Ariel said...

Hi Kristi you've got some interesting pictures from your hike trail.The details of the flowers are striking.I have never observed nature this much in detail before. Thanks to Alisa and this class.

Lived In Life said...

Ariel, Thanks for stopping by. I have definitely been observing more when I am outside. Great fun. Been a busy week. Hope to catch up on everyone's photos and visit their blogs!