Monday, August 13, 2012

Minnesota Swap

Last summer my Minnesota friends and I did a swap.  The swap directions were to decorate 2x3 1/2 inch thick pieces of wood.  We had to create four sets of five so that we would all have a complete set.  The pieces did not have to be identical.  We met at Psycho Suzi's in Minneapolis and swapped outside on a gorgeous summer evening along the Minnesota River.  It was one of those nights that you will remember for ever.  Laughter, friendship and sharing.

Here are all of the pieces framed.
Each piece has a story.  I love how I can look at this and be instantly transported to that August night and the feeling of friendship.

This year, the lovely ladies are making a road trip to me!  I can't even tell you how thrilled, honored and excited I am to have them here.  To show them my place.  
To continue the tradition we have another swap planned.
This year it is "Put a Bird On It."  
My friend Kim is from Portland and last summer she was telling us about her inspiration for her contribution to the 2x3 swap, the extremely funny, Portlandia.  Click on the link to watch the 1:51 episode of "Put a Bird On It."  

The instructions for Swap 2012 is to make a 3-4 inch bird that can be hung from a piece of drift wood to make a mobile of sorts.  The bird needs to be weather proof.

I have had a ridiculous amount of fun with my birds.  Here is a start of my swap.  Ladies....if you are reading this swap, stop now......unless you want to see a sneak peek.  I will be continuing to work on this quirky birds today.

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