Thursday, July 1, 2010

saved by the dunes....again

There is something about the Dunes.
Something peaceful
they encourage harmony
we are in the midst of some changes
and this is what we needed
as a family
time at the dunes
to recharge
to prepare for what lies ahead
more about this later
the hike in.......

our beautiful camera = lots of picture taking.  I love to see this explosion!

and this goofiness!

yeah....a volunteer to take a family pic!
wait a is it on ONE trip to the Dunes our 15 year old has THREE, yes,
three outfit changes....good grief!

this scene can put me at ease most days. 
Thank you for today's moments of peace!

1 comment:

cristieleskophotography said...

oh dear friend you will have to fill me in, i love this post.
You are a strong woman!!!!! Great husband and kids!!!!