Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fabric ring

I tell you I am loving these circles, that are evolving into funky flowers
that are evolving into charms, pendants, and this ring.

I wore it last night to a concert at the Cherry Festival (to see a fun band, Tribute 1964), outdoors on a beautiful night on the bay with fun friends (sorry........I digress)
The ring was a hit (yeah!) so was the band!
Wren saw me struggling to snap a picture of the she generously offered to model for me!


Nancy said...

Just wonderful! I think I see a bead in the middle of that ring for which I have the twin in my little tin. Maybe it will wind up in the middles of a circle, too.

Kristi said...

yes, Nancy, you are right. The many uses of the polymer disks......I would love to see what you do with yours! Happy day!

Kerri said...

oh, those are great! hadn't seen any fabric rings before this.