Thursday, July 1, 2010

write on walls!!

I have been inspired.
writing on walls.
to go with some of my over ambitious summer plans of art, art and more art
not only for me, but the kids too (ages 15, 13 and 7)
I want to showcase their art, to encourage their art making, to give then a sense that we "see" them as artists (because they ARE!)
so I took that BIG plunge and dare I say.....
I painted on the walls.
Frames that is.
the wall is not complete, I think it will look better with lots of frames, it is a start.
Now mind you, I have NO fear of painting walls....I change my color scheme at the drop of a hat
my family can attest to this, my husband especially as we have painted a LOT of walls in our married life. 
So I approached this project with the understanding that when I/we tire of this "idea" I will paint over it.

why not use frames you ask.
2 reasons....
1.  cheaper, much cheaper!  and I am on a "wants" and "needs" program so this is falls into the "want" how to do it on a budget....paint instead of buying LOTS of frames!
2.  It will be so easy for me or the kids (I am always encouraging independence) to plunk their art on the wall.  Just get some of those cool sticky tabs that don't leave marks and viola.  Instant art show.

The typewriter, which for those of you who remember awhile back...i couldn't resist these little buggers.....and can I say KIDS of ALL ages love them.  (The kids friends will come over and you will hear plunk, plunk as their attempt to type).  Anyway, I put one of our soon to be second grader's writing sample into the typewriter to showcase her writing.

So, if you are daring......go ahead, write on your own darn walls.  It is liberating!


cristieleskophotography said...

did you paint these or buy them, i know you can buy them as well. lmk

Kristi said...

yes, I painted. more to paint, need to fill in the wall more and FILL the ones that are on there. I plan to have Olivia post up her photos as she is on fire with her new camera. go olivia!