Friday, July 16, 2010

Gel Glue Batik

First you apply gel glue to your fabric. 
We used pillow cases and cut fabric in the shape of triangles for my banner that 
I plan to hang outside on the front porch.

Once the glue dries you can begin to paint.
We thinned cheap acrylic paint and went to town.

Once the paint has dried you need to soak in VERY hot water to start to dissolve the glue.  You will need to take a coarse brush (think something like a finger nail brush bristle) to rub off the glue and paint (paint that got on the glue which is no problem at all) and viola....check out these AWESOME results!

The kids were genuinely thrilled.  My seven year old gave me a big bear hug when she saw her finished pillow case.  That makes all the prep work on my end so worth it!
I got this idea from the wonderful blog

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