Friday, July 2, 2010

Shaking things up

The Wodek's are shaking things up again.

We are making the theme for clay this summer.....
musical instruments
so far we have some rockin' shakers
next on list, clay whistles and Udu drums
did I hear some ooh's and ahhh's, much like the anticipated fireworks this weekend????
the goal is to sit around the fire with a collection of handmade instruments
and make some music

The other way we are shaking things up
My husband has just accepted a new job
a job that will be challenging and exciting and more in line with his experience, his liking
but, it means he is heading to another state...Green Bay, Wisconsin
In the meantime, the kids and I will stay here. 
We hope and pray as we have for years that the economy will turn
then more jobs will be available here
and we can ALL be here.
Until that time, a change was needed.  He hated his job here and that is NO way to live.
So now....the next chapter in our lives will unfold, we will have an opportunity to
explore another area and take things
one step at a time.


cristieleskophotography said...

You know I am here for you always and this is going to be better for Todd, I know it will be a challenge that is for sure, but if any married couple can do it I know it is you two!!!! If you need me for anything i am here.
I am happy for Todd since I have known the situation and not liking a job is miserable, believe me I have lived through my husband not liking his. You know the story. Stay strong, you are in my prayers. I will respond to your email

Kristi said...

Cristie, THANK YOU!