Saturday, July 3, 2010

another Altoid Tin

I got my second Altoid Tin Swap in the mail!  This time from Kimberely in Arizona.
Love the variety.
and I LOVE the treasures inside.
Kimberely, THANK YOU!!


cristieleskophotography said...

love it!!! I need to get in on something like this. wonderful. how was your day my friend?

Jan said...

Your altered tins are wonderful, I can see why you would be thrilled with them. I scrolled on down and saw the ones you made too and they are equally fabulous, not to worry. I'd have been excited to receive one. Love the polymer clay ones especially.

Kristi said...

Thank you ladies.
Yes, I tend to second guess myself, so after receiving these tins...and having already mailed mine out....I am thinking, oh geez....I like these more, can I have a do-over. I need to work on this mentality.