Friday, July 2, 2010

soaring into a holiday weekend

some of you have heard me refer to "living up on the mountain"
Mind you....the "mountain" I refer to is nothing compared to "real" mountains.
It is just a big hill. 
We have a sign on one side of the mountain with a run off for the big trucks in case they need it in icy weather. 
My ears pop occasionally when we go up and down from the mountain.
I have a friend who teases me about "needing to put snow chains on" or "using the high altitude baking directions on the brownie mix"
So yes, we joke about the mountain. 
Some days it is snowing at the top of the mountain and not at the "base"...
I am serious. 
But we do live on the bay, so that might have more to do with it then actual height.
but today....we had a true advantage of being on the mountain.
we enjoyed our lunch while the Blue Angels roared overhead while they practice for the
scheduled show tomorrow and Sunday

These were all taken from our house.  Not too shabby.
Looking forward to the "real" show tomorrow.
Hope you are soaring into a great holiday weekend!!


Nancy said...

Great photos, and what a treat.. a private show. Enjoy your weekend.

Kristi said...

Thanks Nancy. It really felt like a treat. I think we are in for a fun, beautiful weekend! Hope yours is great too!!

cristieleskophotography said...

ahhhh reminds me of when we lived in SF and would go on our room and be that close. We would have a ton of people over and it would always be nice and we would sit up there and enjoy the show. Enjoy Kristi you deserve it. Going to be a scorcher here in Minny today. Not sure of our plans. Might go to Chan, which we do every year but not until later. Post more pics, they are gorgeous.