Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finished the Darn hat!

Yes, folks.....the hat is done. No more drama about the darn..blankety blank hat. It is finished! And....I don't like it. Not because of the challenge but because it ...well...it doesn't look good, on me that is. My Mom has made comments over the years that she wants to find a hat that looks good on her and I have to admit I kinda scoffed at that...what do you mean, all hats look good on you (and me I thought). well I am here to tell you this hat...oh it's bad. And after all of that work. It actually looks good on Olivia, our oldest daughter with lovely long hair. But, I am afraid it isn't "hip" enough.

My hat making has spurred on three hat requests from the kids. So I have already started making "snow board" style hats with ear flaps. Super easy (YES!) and I can actually watch tv/Olympics and hold a conversation at the same time.

Onn another note, I made the most delicious Spanish inspired quinoa last night. Oh my gosh....love, love , love it. Now....I want to make some spanish inspired art to make it a "complete" experience. to be continued..........

P.S. Go Team USA!!!!!!


Nancy said...

The hat itself actually looks quite nice. What if??... you added a fuschia or hot pink-ish felted flower, yo-yo flower, beaded/glitzy trim, or other embellishment? Would that help you feel it looks better on you? 'Cause really, you could use a hat in Traverse City for a few more weeks! Nice job.

Kristi said...

oooh Nancy.....great idea! I will try it and give you an update. THANKS!