Friday, February 19, 2010

a moment to reflect

This morning I got a call from the sub office to fill in for a special education aid at the middle school. I took a deep breath, middle school subbing experiences have not been the most pleasant. Don't get me wrong nothing awful has happened, just the middle school age presents a lot of "attitude". I agree to going in, it was for half day, I can give it a whirl and see how it goes. Let me was REWARDING and really makes you stop and appreciate everything you have. My guy was about to turn 16, high functioning cerebral palsy. He was the hardest working student in the class. He kept an upbeat attitude despite the excruciating pain that he is in due to hip issues. I feel so blessed to have gotten that call this morning. To have been presented with the opportunity to reflect. Reflect on how darn lucky I am, to have been able to share the morning with an incredible soul, to slow down...cause I am here to tell aren't rushing when you walk with a limp and a cane....I was provided with moments of being very present. It was refreshing and perhaps for me, much needed.

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boo said...

yes ma'am i read your blog and love your last post, sometimes I feel for me at least God puts me in situations with people/events to make you sloooow down and realize how fortunate you are.
I love he had the determination and has made an impact on your life. Sorry but I do not think there are coincidences. hmmmm
xox miss you