Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympics Day One

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor......that seriously is all that i was able to accomplish last night. This pattern...grumble, will be lovely when it is done, I may even consider to mount the hat in some way to display during the "off season" because this is truly a labor of love. And trust me, this isn't anything special, it's just tricky for a gal like me. But hopefully the Olympic challenge will do the trick. I am obligated to knit daily (or nightly as my schedule allows) so hopefully this will help me to get into a rhythm of the pattern.
So I did watch the Olympics in an auditory sort of way (one must keep eyes glued to what you are doing and keeping good track of each stitch)...exciting to watch team USA win two medals in speed skating and learn about some of the women rocking the moguls on the ski hill.

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