Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Fortune Birds = Goodness

Good Fortune Birds, aren't they sweet. These were made for another swap with the Mixed Media on line art group for the Stitch Alchemy (Kelli Perkins) book study. Each participant was asked to send 3 strands of 5 birds. We have not received our swapped birds in return the anticipation is high. The birds are made from fabric paper, as described in the previous post. It was interesting to consider how similar the sheets of fabric paper were, obviously each of us as individuals are drawn to certain colors. It will be a challenge to myself to purposely use different colors in my next see where I can branch out a bit more. For these birds I tried to incorporate different embellishments on each bird......use of tulle, embossing powder, hard body paste, etc. Again, I wasn't thrilled with my fabric paper as a whole but felt completely different and excited when I saw the sheets in smaller pieces. At the bottom of the strand we were supposed to use a bell, like a cow bell. But since the directions by the swap host asked us to mail in a priority envelope (not box, me I went over the directions many times, took the directions to the post office to ask my oh so sweet postal workers and we all was clear we were supposed to use the envelop).....a cow bell was not an option. So I had to get creative. I used felt balls along with smaller bells, polymer clay ring and made my own "bell".

Again....if you are interested in mixed media.....this book will not disappoint. Form an art group and challenge yourselves to try a new technique each week. Small steps, without investing in a lot of time or materials and the sense of gratification is priceless! Then when you have lots of sheets of fabric paper (because you will, it is addicting) you can make things to swap (book marks, good fortune birds, love dolls, post cards, etc....) Have fun and PLAY!

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Kelli Nina Perkins said...

Thanks Kristi. Your birds are adorable. I'm glad you had so much fun with the projects! Kelli