Saturday, February 27, 2010

Watching the news.....aftermath of the earthquake in Chile. My thoughts and prayers to yet another country facing devastation.

I have some pictures from the "good fortune" birds that I was lucky to receive from the swap this week. Again, I love to see the different interpretations (birds and owls) and the variety of "paper" made using the techniques from Kelli's book.

I have decided to join in the fun of another group.....based on the book, An Artistic Mother by Shona Cole, mentioned earlier this week. I can't wait. It does seem to help me to have a syllabus to stay focused and committed to "art" time. Y0u interested to join along???? Go to Artistic Creations with Trudy at Can I tempt any of you??????

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Nancy said...

These birds are great. Love the edge-stitching on the owl!